About Us

An initiative by a young entrepreneur along with the traditional artisans of India, with care and concern towards mother Earth.

All the products at Akshar Crafts are unique as each step of the process is meticulously carried out by-hand by our artisans. We honour artisans, their knowledge, skilled artwork and labour. We take utmost care of the well-being and financial securities of the artisan families. Since our production process is not based on any form of exploitation of nature and human labour, cost of our products is a little higher. As they are made with intense handwork, great care and love of the artisans, we say, our products are – Happiness Handmade!

The logo portrays an earthen pot & a potter’s wheel, symbolising pottery in particular & the craftsmanship of the artisans in general. The colour is kept same as that of the soil. It also depicts a and c, initials of ‘akshar crafts’. We have avoided using capital letters. This is to express our gratitude and respect towards nature. Our business strategy is also focused on appreciating the artisans and promoting their skillful art. Our vision is to keep ourselves grounded, at the same time to uplift the traditional art and the artisans.


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