One small step with concern

As several studies show that packaging materials contribute to piling up waste around the world to a great extent, we decided to make an eco-friendly move. After prolonged research and exploration, we have found some sustainable alternatives, though it is still an ongoing process. We use corrugated boxes for packaging, which are made using recyclable materials and are recyclable even after use. The tape used to stick during packaging is made of paper, not plastic. The boxes are filled with hay or paper strips to keep the items intact inside.
This endeavour takes its toll in terms of time, person power as well as the significant increase in input cost. Yet we are committed to the cause of our care and concern towards nature. And we are taking up the challenge to practice it, even at the cost of sacrificing a chunk of money from our pocket.
We expect support from our customers in this mission of ours. This will help our team to move one step closer to nature and promote a sustainable way of living. And you, as customers, can be a part of this mission with your contribution!


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