Pottery has been one of the pivotal mediums for humans to express their emotions and creativity since ages. The art of pottery-making in India is very old, dating back to Indus Valley civilization. This art of shaping and baking clay pots as pottery, earthenware and porcelain has continued through the centuries. There is confirmation of pottery making, both handmade and wheel-made, from all over India through evidences at several locations. In the Harappan civilization, potter’s place was a significant one in society. India is home to more than a million potters. Being an agricultural society, pots for storage of grains and water have always been in great demand. The methods of shaping clay have evolved over the years, but have only brought more precision and creativity in the ceramics and terracotta products. A piece of pottery has an emblematic message in its form, texture and colour.


Every piece of pottery at Akshar Crafts is crafted with expertise, attention to intricate details, spontaneity and creativity of potters. Above that, they are the products of immense hard work and dedication of all the members of an entire family, not just an individual. The process includes digging soil from the ground, sifting, kneading, drying, colouring, and burning artefacts/pots into an open fireplace.


Our vision is to encourage and promote indigenous pottery done by the potter communities from different regions of India. We make best efforts to sustain the conventional methods and avoid the use of automatic machines and harmful chemicals. Automation destructs the traditional way of pottery. Centuries-old knowledge and art of traditional pottery has been handed over from generation to generation. It has been conserved, developed and carried out by the traditional potter communities. This is our mission to strengthen those potter communities since the automatic machines are ruining their art, their knowledge and reducing them to mere labourers. We aim to promote their artwork and give the rightful credit to its creators, at the same time, to encourage the use of nature-friendly products.

Our artisans use natural earthen non-toxic colours. This is obvious with the handmade products. Our terracotta artisans do not polish the products, just to make them look shiny. Doing so makes products unsafe for food storage & consumption. However, we polish ceramics with natural substances as traditional Indian artisans have practised for centuries.


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