Textile is the second largest sector of employment in India. It also unites the farmers and the various artisans together. From growing cotton in the field to ginning, carding, spinning, weaving, dying, printing, stitching… each step has been carried out by a particular community. Those communities have historically developed knowledge and skills, through tradition and innovation.


We are venturing into cotton textile products through the backpacks. Women from rural parts of Tamil Nadu make these cloth backpacks. This is a green initiative as well since we look forward to replacing plastic bags with cotton ones. These bags are handy and easy to carry. We do not bleach or dye it, to retain the natural colour and texture of cotton. The minimal print on it symbolizes the simplicity and spirituality one can connect with. The simple design allows you to draw, paint or colour it as you wish.

Our vision is to promote the use of cloth bags in traditional as well as modern ways. It will also be helpful to the artisans working in textile industry using conventional methods.


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